Flow Analytics Overview

Flow Portal

The Flow Portal is a cloud-based environment designed for the end user. It provides a generic data repository, workflow management and scheduling framework, analysis results repository, and a powerful dashboarding engine. Learn more

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a next-generation development environment for designing data analytics, integration and reporting workflows. Cloud Connect synchronizes with Flow Cloud and enables the user to solve any data related problem faster than any other platform or technology. Learn more

Cloud-Based Execution

Cloud-based execution of workflows enables you to deploy autonomous data integration, analytics, and reporting solutions from a centralized point of control. Flow's powerful agent cloud technology allows you to automate even the most complex business problems. Learn more

Remote Agents

Remote agents are autonomous computing nodes which execute workflows on a schedule or in response to an event. Flow's agent framework provides for powerful distributed computing and allows you to automate data analytics, integration, and reporting solutions at scale. Learn more

How Flow Works

Start with Your Business Challenges

  • Data and application integration
  • Analytics and decision support
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Periodic reporting
  • Dashboards and BI
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Business process automation

You have business challenges that must be solved quickly and cost-effectively. Flow provides the platform and tools required to rapidly build, deploy, and manage cost-effective custom solutions to a wide variety of business challenges.


Using Cloud Connect™, 4D-IQ's integrated workflow designer, non-technical users can quickly and easily build solutions to overcome even the most complex business challenges.

Build Custom Solutions

  • Acquire, transform and enrich data
  • Define statistical, mathematical and text operations
  • Evalulate custom actions and rules
  • Apply AI and machine learning
  • Take required actions and deliver needed results.

Deploy and Execute

  • Automated workflow execution
  • Run at any required frequency
  • Run in response to events
  • Virtual execution on Azure or AWS
  • Remote agents running within your firewall

Deploy workflows for cloud-based execution within our managed run-time environment or to remote agents installed at your designated location. Access centralized workflow management and monitoring from within the Flow Portal.


The Flow Portal is a SaaS application that provides a centralized interface for access to and management of deployed automations.

Manage, Monitor, and Collaborate

  • Access and manage data stored in Flow
  • Launch Cloud Connect
  • Workflow deployment, management and scheduling
  • Workflow results,
  • Dashboards
  • Collaboration and sharing






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Get Started With Flow

Flow is simply the most powerful platform for designing, developing, and deploying automated integration, analytics, reporting and dashboard solutions available today.

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Completely free

No trial period or credit card required.

Fully functional

Access all the core feartures of the Flow platform.

Connect to any data source

Import and work with data from any source regardless of location, format, structure or type.

Develop custom business solutions

Use our advanced, no-code integrated development environment to build custom integration, analytics, reporting and dashboard solutions.

Deliver high-quality data, reports and dashboards

Transform, blend and enrich your data then output high quality reports, charts, tables, dashboards or data sets.

Share your results

Dynamically generate and share results with others including transformed and enriched data, reports, charts, tables and dashboards.

Free help and support

Full documentation and how-to videos along with free online, telephone or email support.

About Us

At 4D-IQ our mission is to deliver high-performance software that exceeds our customer's expectations without exceeding their budget.

Founded in 2012, 4D-IQ has spent the past six years designing, developing and delivering Flow, our flagship software that solves the fundamental challenges involved with cost-effectively designing and delivering highly customized business solutions.

The result our efforts is an advanced yet easy to use platform for creating reusable workflow solutions that overcome the unique business challenges of our customers. Flow enables companies to quickly and easily build automated solutions for data and application integration, automated analytics, reporting, dashboard, business process automation, among other many other challenges.

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