Flow Crash Course - Part 4 - Basic Data Summary Functions

Flow Crash Course - Part 4 - Basic Data Summary Functions

This is the fourth blog post in our crash course series on Flow. This section will focus on basic exploratory / data summary actions in the Flow Computing Framework.

This is a continuation of the prior section in this series: Working Data Actions.

Summary functions are useful for performing an initial exploratory analysis of data collections. Topics covered in this section include:

  1. The Describe Data Function (Generate Descriptive Statistics Profile)
  2. The Fast-based Correlation Analysis Function (Evaluate correlations against a data point of interest)
  3. How to Perform an Analysis of Blanks/Missing Values
  4. Creating a Simple Frequency Distribution (Histogram)

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After you finish this section, you will be ready to move on to Generic Expressions and Data Point Computing.

Check out the fourth video in our series below: