Flow Crash Course - Part 6 - HyperCube Computation

Flow Crash Course - Part 6 - HyperCube Computation

This is the sixth blog post in our crash course series on Flow. This section will focus on HyperCube computation in Flow.

This is a continuation of the prior section in this series: Generic Expressions and Data Point Computing.

HyperCube computation allows for powerful multi-dimensional superstructures to be constructed from data. Topics covered in this section include:

  1. Introduction to HyperCubes
  2. Computing a Simple HyperCube
  3. Computing High-Dimensional HyperCubes
  4. Introduction to HyperCube Generic Expressions
  5. Computing Across HyperCubes
  6. Weaving Computation In and Out of HyperCubes

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After you finish this section, you will be ready to move on to Introduction to Results / HyperCube Dashboard Development.

Check out the fifth video in our series below: