data automation

Data Automation Overview

Flow provides a framework for universal data automation. Any data oriented task can be automated. Flow is able to snap together solutions specifically for your highly custom data automation requirements. These data automation solutions are then deployed to the Flow Agent framework for continuous execution

Build Automated Data Pipelines

Flow can automate any data pipeline. Flow provides a completely original framework built from the ground up to scale to meet even the most advanced data automation requirements. Workflows can be customized to automate the retrieval, transfomration, analysis, and delivery of data from any source, structure, or format.

Automate Data Integration and Aggregation

Flow delivers a truly revolutionary data integration framework. Flow can interface generically with hundreds of thousands of systems and apis without requiring any code. Flow can attach to any API and universally extract the data into a structured form for enrichment, transformation, and delivery. Flow can automate the synchronization of data sources and completely unify your business or organization.

Transform, Prepare, and Enrich Data

Flow provides a powerful computational engine which can automate any data transformation, cleansing, calculation, or enrichment task. Workflows are capable of performing any calculation or data point transformation as well as allowing you to link, join, and flatten your data. Flow enables the complete automation of all data enrichment and transformation tasks against any data source.

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