Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

data analytics

The Flow Data Analytics Framework allows you to perform every step of the data analytics pipeline.

Flow provides a set of tools for data acquisition, data transformation, hypercube and statistical analysis, machine learning and optimization, artificial intelligence, and analysis result delivery.

What Can Flow Analytics Do?

The Flow Analytics Framework is the most powerful data analysis suite on the market today. Flow analytics enables you to design and deploy solutions to the most advanced data analytics challenges.

The Flow Analytics Framework will allow you to:

  • Bring together data from hundreds of sources
  • Perform any required transformation using a powerful expression engine
  • Join, append, sort, filter and deduplicate datasets
  • Build hypercubes and perform advanced multidimensional analytics
  • Train and deploy machine learning models for predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Harness IBM Watson and Microsoft Cortana to perform cognitive computation
  • Deliver analysis results to the cloud
  • Share and distribute results, dashboards, and workflows
  • Automate analytics processes and delivery of results
  • Deploy workflows to agents for autonomous and distributed computation