data automation

The Flow Data Automation Framework allows you to deploy workflows to agents and automate any analytics, reporting, or integration task.

Flow provides a powerful agent framework which enables you to deploy autonomous solutions for any business workflow irrespective of scale or complexity.

What Can Flow Analytics Automation Do?

The Flow Automation Framework is a distributed agent architecture when enables workflows to be executed autonomously on a schedule. Any data processing, integration, analytics, or reporting workflow can be deployed to agents for autonomous execution. Agent-based automation saves time, money, and reduces risk.

The Flow Automation Framework will allow you to:

  • Automate the collection, processing, and delivery of data from any number of systems
  • Automate the generation and distribution of dashboards and reports
  • Automate the synchronization of data between disconnected systems
  • Automate the consumption and analysis of data
  • Automate process monitoring workflows and anomaly detection tasks
  • Automate cognitive workflows such as sentiment analysis and image recognition
  • Deploy distributed agents for scalable computation
  • Securely access local and on premise resources
  • Manage and monitor deployed automations from the cloud