Flow Analytics - Data Integration

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The Flow Data Integration framework allows you to connect and integrate data from any source, structure, or format.

Flow's powerful workflow editor and generic data computing engine enable solutions to the most complex integration challenges to be developed and deployed with ease.

What Can Flow Data Integration Do?

The Flow Data Integration Framework allows you to overcome the challenges of disconnected and disparate data sources. Flow Integration allows you to design autonomous workflows which can connect to, consolidate, and deliver all of the data you need.

The Flow Integration Framework will allow you to:

  • Integrate bi-directionally with data from any source, structure, or format
  • Design autonomous workflows which synchronize systems
  • Perform any required data transformation as part of the integration workflow
  • Integrate data from many sources into multidimensional hypercubes
  • Connect data from many sources into dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with databases, social media, flat files, CRM systems, e-commerce, unstructured sources, and more
  • Deploy integration workflows from the cloud
  • Execute integrations on autonomous agents
  • Monitor and manage running workflows from the cloud
  • Securely access local, and on-premise resources using Flow's distributed agent architecture
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