Reports and Dashboards Overview

Dashboards Delivered - Without a Delay

In today's business environment, success increasingly depends on effectively leveraging data and analytics. If you are one of many small to mid-sized businesses with a limited budget, lack of resources, or little expertise struggling to harness the power of data and analytics, then we invite you to explore what Flow can deliver.

Dashboards Overview

End-to-End Automation Saves Valuable Internal Resources

Flow enables end-to-end automation of all tasks required to produce and deliver custom dashboards and reports that exactly meet your business needs.

Deliver Timely, Accurate Information to Decision Makers

Configurable workflows autonomously assemble and validate your data, perform necessary calculations and analytics-oriented processing, then deliver timely, accurate information to decision makers.

Data Visualization

Flow reduces the time and effort required to prepare data and deliver high-quality, informative data visualizations by over 90%.

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Multi-Dimensional Data

Flow's in-memory hypercubes eliminate the need to manage and maintain complex, expensive data warehouse systems.

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Business Intelligence

Flow provides end-to-end automation of all the tasks that required to deliver accurate, up-to-date KPIs.

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Automate the production and delivery of timely, accurate data and information to decision makers.

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Getting Started

We've made getting started with Flow a simple and easy process requiring a minimum investment of your valuable time and resources.

Start by registering for a free account.

After that, contact us to set up a dashboard design session with one of our US-based experts.

We'll document your requirements then we will:

  1. Design a plan that integrates and validates your data, performs any required calculations, and delivers the results you need.
  2. Develop a custom Flow that executes the plan and delivers a set of test results for your review and validation.
  3. Deliver the Flow to your account so you can use it to create and share dashboards.

That's all there is to it. There is no initial cost and no obligation. If you decide to deploy the Flow, you'll only pay a monthly charge based upon the frequency of your updates.

Data Visualization

Data Visualizations Require Data that is Accurate, Up-to-Date, and Complete

Software for generating data visualizations is easy to find these days. However, research has shown that data aggregation, cleansing, and validation comprises over 90% of the effort required to deliver data visualizations that communicate meaningful insight. For small to medium-sized businesses lacking the resources, expertise, and time needed to aggregate, cleanse, and validate data correctly, this can be a difficult challenge to overcome.

Flow provides a robust set of features and functions that automate data aggregation, cleansing, and validation tasks reducing the time required to generate and deliver high-quality, accurate, and timely data visualizations by over ninety percent.

Deliver High-Quality Data Visualizations

Flow reduces the time and effort required to prepare data and deliver high-quality, informative data visualizations by over 90%.

Interact with an Extensive Chart Library

Flow enables dashboard users to select from a library of over 30 different chart types interactively. See examples shown on the right.


Multi-Dimensional Data

No Database, Data Warehouse, or IT Infrastructure Required

Dashboard solutions often require expensive data warehouse technologies that must be managed and maintained by highly skilled IT personnel. 4D-IQ's state-of-the-art in-memory hypercube engine quickly and easily aggregates and summarizes large amounts of complex data on-the-fly and delivers it to decision makers need as often as they need it.

Flow delivers up-to-date summary information in the form of multi-dimensional interactive pivot tables, tables, and charts along with detailed tabular and hierarchical reports as often as required, without the need to set up, manage or maintain a data warehouse.

Deliver Multi-Dimensional Tables, Pivot Tables, Hierarchical Reports. and Multi-Series Charts

Dashboard users get current views of their data along with the ability to interactively query the details behind it.

Enable User-Defined Pivot Tables, Tables, Tabular and Hierarchical Reports, and Charts

Enable dashboard viewers to quickly and easily build their own custom, user-defined views of multi-dimensional data including pivot tables, tables, and hierarchical reports.

Dashboard users can add data visualizations created from multi-dimensional data.

Business Intelligence

Data-Driven Decisions Required Timely, Accurate KPIs and Summary Data

Key Performance Indicators are actionable scorecards that help keep your business strategy and tactics on track. They provide actionable alerts that enable you to manage, control and achieve desired business results.

Useful key performance indicators (KPIs) must be timely and accurate. Flow provides end-to-end automation of all the tasks that required to deliver accurate, up-to-date KPIs, from integrating diverse sources of critical business data to performing data quality and validation checks to computing and producing scorecards.

Deliver Timely, Accurate KPIs

Flow cost-effectively automates the computation and presentation of timealy, accurate KPIs.

Generate Accurate, Up-to-Date Data Summaries

Flow's powerful data analytics engine provides for rapid computation of summary statistics across all your critical business data.


End-to-End Automation of Dashboard Production and Delivery

Flow enables you to quickly and easily build highly customized workflows that integrate and blend data, perform calculations and statistical analysis, and generate required results including reports, charts, tables, data sets, multi-dimensional hypercubes. Workflows perform three main activities needed to generate dashboards:

  1. Integrate and blend data from any source.
  2. Perform all required calculations, data transformations, and statistical computations.
  3. Generate and deliver dashboard results when they are needed.

Build, Deploy, and Deliver

  • Build custom workflows to integrate and blend data, perform calculations, and create dashboard results.
  • Deploy workflows to run within our secure, cloud-based environment or to one or more remote agents.
  • Deliver dashboard results by scheduling workflows to execute as often as required or in response to an event.

Build Workflows

Cloud Connect

Flow includes Cloud Connect an integrated workflow development environment.

What is a Workflow?

The term "workflow," as used within the context of Flow, requires some explanation. Within Flow, a workflow is a small application built using a high-level functional language developed by 4D-IQ. This language employs a powerful "configure-not-code" approach that enables non-technical end users to quickly and easily develop custom applications by simply sequencing a series of user-configured actions.

Workflows are portable and reusable. They can be run on your desktop, within the cloud, or deployed for execution on remote agents.

Deploy and Deliver


Deploy workflows to run within our secure, cloud-based environment or to one or more remote agents.

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