Welcome to Flow Analytics

Flow Analytics is a universal data automation, analytics, and reporting platform allowing you to design and deploy automated solutions to any data-driven challenge irrespective of scale or complexity.

What can Flow Analytics do?

Flow is a next-generation universal data automation framework capable of automating every data-driven process within an organization. Flow provides a revolutionary cloud-based framework which lets you design and deploy workflows to autonomous agents that can handle virtually any data task.

I want to:

Integrate Data

Consolidate data from different sources with varying formats, field names, and data types then provide it to any person, group, or system in the structure and format required

Aggregate and Summarize Data

Aggregate data into multidimensional hypercubes. Summarize data across every dimension and deliver results through powerful dashboards and reports.

Transform and Cleanse Data

Transform, cleanse, and manipulate data from hundreds of thousands of sources. Flow Agents can fully automate any data transformation or manipulation workflow.

Synchronize Data

Automate the synchronization of data across any number of data systems, formats, and sources. Flow provides a bi-directional data integration engine which can interface over a hundred thousand data sources.

Create and Share Dashboards

Create and share interactive dashboards that deliver the analytics you need. Flow provides a powerful dashboard design editor which allows you to create automated views of all important business data. Dashboards can be shared through Flows cloud data collaboration engine.

Generate and Distribute Reports

Integrate the entirety of your data into rich real-time reports. Flow allows you to design and automate the continuous production and delivery of every type of report across all of your business data. Flow allows you to fully automate the distribution of reports across your organization

Visualize Data

Visualize the entirety of your business data through interactive dashboards and reports. Flow provides a groundbreaking data visualization and result delivery engine which allows you to deliver real-time continuous data visualizations & reports.

Analyze Data

Analyze data from unlimited sources, systems, and environmetns. Flow allows you to universally connect to and analyze the entirety of your business data. Flow can adapt to any end system and completely unify all of your required data.

Perform Calculations

Perform any calculation, expression, or transformation on your data. Harness a revolutionary hypercube computation engine that allows for multidimensional analysis and reporting across every aspect of your data.

Automate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Create and embed predictive models into workflows that learn from your business data. Harness state-of-the-art IBM Watson and Microsoft Cortana artificial intelligence functions to analyze text, images, and more.

Develop Workflows

Create workflows which integrate, analyze, and automate any data oriented process. Workflows are developed using a powerful configure-not-code editor. Deploy workflows to agents for continuous and automated execution.

Automate Workflow Execution

Solutions can be developed to automate any data pipeline. Any required transformation, integration, analysis, or reporting task can be built into workflows. Developed workflows are then deployed to agents for automated execution.

Partner with 4D-IQ

Partner with 4D-IQ to open new opportunites for your business. 4D-IQ welcomes collaboration and strategic alliances to accelerate the pace of data automation technologies. Bring Flow Analytics to your customers and learn about partnership opportunites.

Unlock Data Automation

Automate any data pipeline across your organization. Flow allows you to fully automate even the most complex business processes. Flow agents allow you to create virutal software robots that will do your data analysis work for you.

Harness Automated Analytics

Automate every type of business analytics workflow. Flow enables you to deploy autonomous agents which can perform every data analysis task for you. Flow agents will automate the analysis of the entirety of your business data.

Flow Developer Services

4D-IQ will automate your business for you. Flow Services provide workflow development services which identiy and automate any data analytics, reporting, integration workflow you require.

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