data automation


Flow provides an autonomous agent framework which allows for the continuous deployment of workflows on a schedule.

Workflows are developed and then deloyed to the autonomous agent framework for execution. The agent framework allows for the automation of any business process.

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Automation Overview

Businesses need automation. Automation will be the key to mantaining a competitive advantage in an ever-growing technological landscape. Flow allows for data solutions to be developed and deployed which can handle automating even the most complex business processes.

Cloud Based Automation

Workflows are developed and deployed to the agent framework then completely managed from the cloud. Cloud-based management enables you to monitor all of your deployed workflows and agents from a central point of control. Flow's agent-cloud technology allows for data pipelines to be automated across locations and environments.

Remote Agents

Remote Agents are autonomous computing nodes which handle executing workflows on a schedule. Flow's remote agent framework allows autonomous robots to handle your most complex business and data automation tasks. Flow's remote agent framework is pushing the frontier of robotics process automation.

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