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Rapidly translate your business requirements into custom solutions using the Cloud Connect development environment. Cloud Connect contains an extensive library of pre-built, configurable workflow actions. To build a workflow, you select and configure a sequence of workflow actions to produce your needed results. This Configure-Not-Code approach reduces the time required to develop and deploy custom solutions by over 90%.

  • Data Automation
  • Automated Analytics
  • Process Automation

Cloud Connect


Workflows are developed through a revolutionary new development paradigm called Configure-not-Code. All of the power of coding is abstracted away into a high level langauge which allows for solutions to be developed through configurable actions. Flow is a next-generation language with all of the power and flexibility of code but none of the complexity. Solutions for any data analytics, integration, or reporting workflow can be developed with ease.

Workflow Actions

Import and Export Data

Flow's generic data acts as a universal container which can import and export data from hundreds of thousands of sources. Workflows can connect to any database, file format, api or service instantly allowing you to integrate all of your required data with ease. Data can be interconverted between any system or structure with no code.

Transfer Data

Workflows can transfer data between systems, data sources, applications, and environments. Flow workflows allow for data and computation to be distributed across agents for scaling your data integration, analysis, and reporting pipelines.


Flow is powered by a revolutionary hypercube computing engine. All of your critical data can be integrated into powerful hypercubes for multidimensional analysis, summarization, optimization, and reporting. HyperCubes fuel dashboards and deliver an unmatched level of analysis capability.

Expression Evaluation

Flow presents the most powerful generic data expression computing engine ever built. Any calculation, computation, or transformation can be developed as part of a workflow. Flow's generic expression engine is one of the highest performance data processing engines available today and allows you to scale your computation with ease.

Reduce Solution Development Time by Ninety-Percent

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Cloud Connect Workflow Designer

Workflow Management and Monitoring

Cloud Connect Workflow Designer

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