Streamlined Analytics-Oriented Processes

Less than ten percent of the work performed by Data Analysts involves truly analyzing data. The other ninety percent is devoted to the process of data gathering, scrubbing, enrichment, classification, and transformation.

Moreover, these processes are often performed ad-hoc and must, therefore, be repeated from the beginning whenever business objectives change, or new data becomes available which can delay the availability of critical information required to make decisions.

Flow is a platform for building and running workflows that automate and streamline analytics-oriented processes.

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Automated Analytics

Flow automates three primary analytics-oriented processes:

  1. Integrating, aggregating, scrubbing data from diverse sources
  2. Statistical computations, operations, and data transformations
  3. Generation and delivery of reports and dashboards


Analytics Solutions


Cloud Based Automation

Flow is an integrated platform for building and running automated workflows that perform analytics-oriented processes. Workflows run in response to user-defined triggers within a virtual, high-performance Azure environment.

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Analytics-Oriented Processing


Advanced Data Analytics

Workflows execute computations and perform advanced statistics using high performance, in-memory hypercubes and datasets.


Add workflow action to generate data summary, table, chart, report, or data results then add those results to shared dashboards.


Automated reports can be distributed to internal and external parties at any frequency, from once a minute to once a year. Distribute reports from the Flow Portal, email, or via messaging.

Integrated Data

Integrate and enrich data from nearly any source, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and supply it to applications, databases, or end-users.