Automated Solutions for Analytics, Reporting, and Data Integration

Flow enables companies to quickly and easily build automated solutions to their data analytics, reporting, dashboard, and integration challenges.

Flow performs three main activities your business must perform to meet its internal and external data needs:

  1. Integrate data from diverse sources
  2. Perform computations, operations, and transformations to generate required results
  3. Deliver required results including reports, dashboards, and data to the people or systems that need it


workflow diagram

Using the Cloud Connect Integrated Workflow Development Environment

Flow includes Cloud Connect, a ClickOnce deployed application for building and managing workflows. Cloud Connect provides an integrated development environment that enables a non-technical user to configure a series workflow actions that produce required results.

cloud connect

Workflow Design & Development

Primary Components of Flow

Dataset - A dataset is a self-describing, generic data container designed to hold data from any external source.

Hypercube - A data container designed to hold, and provide optimized access to, multidimensional data.

Workflow - A user defined series of steps that perform analytics-oriented processing.

Note - The term workflow, as used in the context of Flow, requires a bit more explanation. In Flow, a workflow is a high-level functional language optimized for analytics-oriented processing. Workflow actions, functions, and expressions provide a level of abstraction beyond lower level languages such as R, SQL or Python. This layer of abstraction enables non-technical end users to perform analytics-oriented processing via a series of user- configured actions.


Cloud Based Automation

Flow is an integrated platform for building and running automated workflows that perform analytics-oriented processes. Workflows run in response to user-defined triggers within a virtual, high-performance Azure environment.

schedule workflow

Managed & Monitored Solutions


Advanced Data Analytics

Workflows execute computations and perform advanced statistics using high performance, in-memory hypercubes and datasets.


Add workflow actions to generate data summaries, tables, charts, reports, or data results then add those results to shared dashboards.


Automated reports can be distributed to internal and external parties at any frequency, from once a minute to once a year. Distribute reports from the Flow Portal, email, or via messaging.

Integrated Data

Integrate and enrich data from nearly any source, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and supply it to applications, databases, or end-users.